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WP8: Environmental life cycle and economic analysis and optimization

Ruth B Pincinato

WP leader: Ruth Pincinato
Universitetet i Stavanger



  1. Explore key questions that the farmer should consider during the investment and operational phases,  and set up bio-economic models for the value chains with the new production technology parameters (e.g., growth, feed conversion, currents) and ELC indicators (e.g., climate change).

Some of the potential questions include:

  • How is the environmental life cycle and economic (ELC&E) performance of offshore salmon aquaculture value chains influenced by
    1. different technological solutions (post smolt and grow-out farm structures, electrification, vessel logistics) and technical performances?
    2. locational choices, including distance from shore and co-location of multiple offshore farms with shared infrastructure?
    3. salmon biological performance and marine environment characteristics?
  • How is ELC&E performance of offshore salmon aquaculture relative to conventional inshore and land-based aquaculture and meat production in agriculture?
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