Project leader: Dr. Fiona Provan
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
SVP Ocean and Environment

+47 900 69 052

The project is organized around a structure of 10 work packages (WPs) led by individual WP-leaders, and the main partners involved in carrying out tasks to ensure inter-disciplinary researcher collaboration and active involvement of partners in specific tasks.

Project leader Dr Fiona Provan has led over 20 research projects within sustainable aquaculture. She is joined by a multidisciplinary team of scientists who are in charge of the WPs.

From NORCE: WP1 is led by Dr. Thierry Baussant (Marine biology); WP3 is led by Dr Peter Breuhaus (Energy systems); WP5 is led by Dr. Naouel Gharbi (Fish physiology); WP7 is led by Dr. Nabil Belbachir (Autonomous systems) and Senior Researcher Lars Vognild (Digitisation lead).

From collaboration partners: WP2 on preventive biosecurity is led by Dr. Ottavia Benedicenti and Dr. Trude Vrålstad, head of the Fish Health Research section, Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI); WP4 on Secure and resilient production infrastructure is  led by Muk Chen Ong, professor at UIS; WP8 on LCSA analysis is led by Dr. Ruth Pincinato, associate Professor within industrial Economy (Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Safety, Economics and Planning); WP9 on RRI activities is led by Andreea-Laura Cojocaru, researcher at University of Stavanger, UiS Business School Department of Innovation, Management and Marketing. They will be joined by PI Prof Ragnar Tveterås economic professor and also leading the Main project under the Green platform.

Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) also bring in experts on fish pathogens (Dr. Hilde Sindre; Dr. Duncan Colquhoun WP2) and immune biomarkers (Dr. Maria Dahle, WP5). Leading international researchers will join the team.

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