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Our oceans are under pressure with multiple users and the threats of climate change, making it more important than ever to manage our ocean resources carefully. The SusOffAqua project unites a highly qualified cross-disciplinary team in a unique effort to provide competence, innovation and technology to ensure sustainability and resilience in future offshore aquaculture and its value chains – Lower carbon footprint and preservation of biodiversity are key objectives.  

The project will seek to develop and validate tools (LCA and Economic analysis, and energy system analysis) to assess the extent to which the uptake in technology and other innovations can drive the sector towards climate neutrality and low environmental impact. If the offshore aquaculture industry is to achieve societal acceptance and its full potential, the production must be in accordance with the aim to achieve climate neutrality and preserve biodiversity.

SusOffAqua is part of the Green Platform project: Low emission offshore aquaculture value chain which consist of two projects working in close synergy. Read more

Project facts


SusOffAqua  |  Unleashing the sustainable value creation potential of offshore ocean aquaculture


1 January 2022 – 31 December 2024


12 partners


Stavanger, Norway


40.000.000 NOK


The Research Council of Norway

Research Themes

  1. Development of next generation real time monitoring approaches for preventive biosecurity, improved fish health and survival as well as reduced environmental impact. Artificial intelligence tools and digital twins will be piloted as enabling technology.
  2. Resource efficient aquatic energy systems for the value chain (circular bioeconomy and renewable energy
  3. Environmental life cycle and economic analysis of current and new value chains at sea
  4. Competence sharing through the Responsible Innovation Lab (RIL) involving governmental stakeholders, technology suppliers and aquaculture producers.

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