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WP2: Preventive Biosecurity

Ottavia Benedicenti

WP leader: Ottavia Benedicenti
Norwegian Veterinary Institute


Trude Vrålstad

WP leader: Trude Vrålstad
Norwegian Veterinary Institute



  1. Test preventive biosecurity strategy:
        1. Screening water for pathogens utilizing eDNA/eRNA combined with stress biomarkers.
        2. Test if water screening can predict if/when fish are free of infections and sufficiently robust for transport and transition
  2. Explore indicators for good or deteriorating health by mapping microbiome.
  3. Awareness regarding the possible emergence of new diseases challenges in offshore aquaculture

Expected outcome

Increased knowledge of fish group health status will enable early detection of disease and means to mitigate disease progression and spread. Microbiome/metagenome sequence data in the aquaculture chain will be instrumental in the discovery of indicators and health status patterns. Easy eDNA sampling kits and analyses that can reduce the handling of fish and detect negative health and welfare conditions early are tools that can bring significant value to fish farming and contribute to increased sustainability, reduced production losses and environmental footprints.

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