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WP3: Resource efficient aquatic energy systems

Peter Breuhaus

WP leader: Peter Breuhaus
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre



Development of a framework for energy systems solutions which are optimized according to the site-specific conditions and utilize locally available renewable resources.

  1. What are the energy and resource demands and fluxes within the aquatic value chain
  2. How can renewable energy sources contribute to resource efficient production
  3. How could processes and resources be integrated to reduce ecological footprint and make processes resilient
  4. Is it possible to develop generic evaluation schemes/guidelines which can be applied to most local conditions.

Expected outcome

A Framework with guidelines for analysis and development of resource efficient production chains and tools and models to perform analysis and develop concepts.  The framework shall serve as a model to increase sustainability of existing sites and develop concepts for new ones. The results of this WP will provide input to development of the Environmental Life Cycle and Economic model (ELC&E model)

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