The Green Platform project Two projects working in close synergy

Offshore aquaculture is a future global export sector for salmon. However, Norwegian society is facing considerable challenges when it comes to development of knowledge, technology, business models and a regulatory framework leading to sustainable results which will reduce the  climate and environmental footprint, ensure fish welfare and  strengthen Norwegian value creation and exports.

The project “Low emission offshore aquaculture value chain” was funded through the Norwegian Green Platform programme,  supporting companies and research organisations engaged in green growth  driven by research and innovation. The industry owned project is owned by the company Blue Planet AS and is led by by Professor Ragnar Tveterås from the University of Stavanger.

The Green Platform project also includes a separate competence building project “Unleashing the sustainable value creation potential of offshore ocean aquaculture (SusOffAqua),” which is led by Dr. Fiona Provan, from NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. The purpose of this research project is to develop new knowledge and technology, in close synergy with the industry owned project (See the illustration below). Communication and sharing of knowledge between the two projects is pivotal and is taking place through RIL – Research Innovation labs, involvement of governmental administration, technology suppliers and aquaculture industry stakeholders. The overall objective of this joint effort is to contribute towards environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development of offshore aquaculture value chains.

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